Pulsed dc sputtering
  Reactive sputtering
  Plasma diagnostic
  Nanocomposite coatings
  Multilayer coatings
  'Smart' coatings
  Carbon nanotube
  SHS synthesis
    The Advanced Coatings and Surface Engineering Laboratory (ACSEL) at the Colorado School of Mines is a multi-disciplinary laboratory that serves as a focal point for industry-driven research and education in advanced thin films and coating systems, surface engineering, tribology, electronic, optical, magnetic, and semiconductor materials. The laboratory is supported by industry, national labs, and government agency sponsors of individual research programs. Annual workshops, held each spring, are designed to maximize interaction between participants, evaluate the research conducted by graduate students and faculty, and provide direction and guidance for future activities. ACSEL provides opportunities for CSM faculty and graduate students to visit and work in sponsor facilities, participate in technical meetings with sponsors, and for CSM graduates to gain employment with sponsors.  
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