Detailed Schedule of HPPMS/HiPIMS/MPP Workshop 2010


08:00  Breakfast

08:50  William Sproul, Welcome

09:00  Chris Muratore, HIPIMS research at AFRL

09:30  Roman Chistyakov, New Development in Modulated Pulse Power Deposition of Aluminum Oxide and Aluminum Nitride Films

10:00  Break

10:30  Günter Mark,  New SIPP - Technology

11:00  Jianliang Lin, Processing, structure and properties of thick CrN and Cr2N coatings deposited using Modulated Pulse Power (MPP) magnetron sputtering

11:30  Jacob Abraham, New concept of HIPIMS biasing - power supply and process parameters selection

12:00  Lunch

13:00  William Sproul, Deposition of Thick Tantalum Coatings by Modulated Pulse Power Sputtering

13:30  Sterling Myers, Effect of negative substrate bias voltage on the CrN film deposition using modulated pulse power magnetron sputtering

14:00  Ulf Helmersson, HiPIMS – Plasma Physics

14:30  Break

15:00  Sebastian Theiss, HPPMS/DC-MSIP (Cr,Al,V)N thin film for high temperature application

15:30  Glen West, HiPIMS Deposition of metal and Oxide Coatings